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Concourt likely to determine IEC information on voters role

It now appears that questions about the information the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has to include on the voters roll..Readmore>>>

IEC will do its best not to delay local elections

The IEC is facing an administrative nightmare after the Electoral Court ordered it to postpone by-elections in Tlokwe in Potchefstroom.Readmore>>>

Registration dates announced for municipal elections

IEC is urging the public to register on 5 and 6 March, between 8 in the morning and 5 in the evening.South African citizens, 16-years-old, and older, can register to vote.Readmore>>>


Moiloa unpacks Voter Education and Awareness Campaign

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About My Vote 2016

My Vote 2016 , a Voter Education and Registration Campaign, is a project initiated by the Gauteng Provincial Legislature in collaboration with the Gauteng Speakers Forum (GSF). The campaign is an Institutional vanguard of democratic ideal and a propeller of educational imperatives necessary for a society’s development. It is supported amongst others by state organs such as the IEC, Cogta, GDE, ConHill and representative bodies such as SAUS.

What Happens if you...

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When do I qualify for a special vote?

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Can I vote if I’m in hospital?

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